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Security Integration

A great system is just the beginning of a comprehensive security solution.

Careful pre-planning and proper installation are key to getting the best possible results. A.A.S. team of experienced professionals ensures that every aspect of security protection you need is never overlooked, and that your top-quality components perform to the highest industry standards. Our ever-present support is just a phone call away to assure your continuous peace of mind.

A.A.S. offers the following world-class security solutions:

Access Control Systems

Protect your assets and sensitive areas, restrict access to authorized personnel and increase safety all without the use of traditional keys or locks. A.A.S. Technologies specializes in the design, installation and integration of advanced access control technologies from biometric scanners to simple yet secure card access systems.  

Fire Alarm Systems

Fire codes have changed significantly over the years and so has the advancement in fire alarm systems. With technicians and installers well versed in the current fire codes, A.A.S. is your source for the latest in fire alarm protection technology.

Video Surveillance Systems

Video surveillance not only provides solid evidence against malicious activities, but is also acts as deterrent while creating peace of mind. With a wide range of video surveillance solutions, A.A.S. will custom build a system to suit your needs. 

Video survillance may not just be used for security. With advanced facial recognition, license plate tracking, and diagnostic technologies, A.A.S. has a solution for you.

Alarm Systems

Guard against burglary and unauthorized entry while helping qualify for insurance discounts of up to 20%. A.A.S. can protect everything from unauthorized access through doors and windows, to infrared motion detection, flood and waterleak detection, and much more. Our monitoring service offers 24 hours/365 day protection by trained professionals. Customers are fully connected to monitoring centers to provide seamless service which offers intrusion detection, fire/life safety, critical condition and remote video monitoring.

Providing a Complete Suite of Security, Fire Alarm, Networking, and Audio Visual Solutions

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