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A.A.S. Technologies Inc. offers a wide array of IP based and physical solutions designed to suit your needs.

Security Integration

A great system is just the beginning of a comprehensive security solution.

Careful pre-planning and proper installation are key to getting the best possible results. A.A.S.s' team of experienced professionals ensures that every aspect of security protection you need is never overlooked, and that your top-quality components perform to the highest industry standards. Our ever-present support is just a phone call away to assure your continuous peace of mind.

A.A.S. offers the following world-class security solutions. Click to see our services


From structured cabling to active components, A.A.S. Technologies will provide full network coverage over copper, fiber, and mesh technologies to  network switches, computers and other IP enabled devices. 

Wireless Mesh Technology

Wireless mesh technology lets organizations build cost-effective outdoor wireless networks for public or private use.   It is a local area network (LAN) that uses 1 of 2 connection arrangements, therefore, networks can easily, effectively and wirelessly connect entire cities using existing and low-cost technology.

Only one node in the network needs to be directly wired to the Internet. 


VoIP is the next new thing in telephony solutions. As misconceptions erode and the underpinning technologies improve, the demand for IP-based telephony services increases. However, with the decision to go VoIP comes change. New technology presents new hardware and infrastructure options, and VoIP is no different. To effectively deploy VoIP, your organization must have an objective once-over to decide exactly when and how you will implement VoIP.

Audio Visual 

Specializing in both residential and commerical systems, A.A.S has an audio visual solution to fulfill your needs. Ranging from conference rooms, to video walls, home theaters and public addressing systems, A.A.S. will team up with the leaders of AV the industry to ensure a proper system is developed and implemented to satisfy. From single components, to complex dream systems, A.A.S. has all your design, integration, installation, and training needs covered.

FIre Alarm Systems

A.A.S. Technologies Inc. provides superior protection for your home or business from fire, gas, and the elements. Utilizing the latest technology and wireless devices, we make it easy to safeguard your property. Combined with award winning central station monitoring, our state of the are fire alarm systems can safeguard your location, no matter how large or small. Wireless radio communication ensures we will receive signals of fire or environmental danger and dispatch authorities quickly and appropriately.

Providing a Complete Suite of Security, Fire Alarm, Networking, and Audio Visual Solutions

A.A.S. Technologies Inc.